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Return and Refund Store Policy

    For any purchased eBook, there is no refund. (i) You, the client, agree to secure a selection of an eBook cautiously

    before downloading the selected eBook, and  (ii) the following products are not eligible for a refund:

  • eBooks

  • .pdf files

Responsibility for Services and Support

    We are not responsible for damages, to e-devices, tablets, cell phones, pc, or lap tops, that you may incur from

    downloading an eBook from this web site. Our products are continuously scanned with an anti-virus program and

    are guaranteed virus free before uploaded. We remain vigil for intrusions. Your e-device should have an anti-virus

    product installed before downloading an eBook. To that you agree is your responsibility.

    We are an automated system. The web master inspects the site bi-monthly. If you have a serious problem with our

    product send us an e-mail describing the situation in detail, or write to us @ 224 E 54th Street, Los Angeles, CA

    90011. You may call between 1:00 pm  and 6:00 pm @ 323.231.6613. All calls out of range of the office hours will not

    be answered. When we get in touch, we will trouble shoot the problem. Until then try the following trouble shooting


Privacy Policy

    We do not collect any personal respective information nor do we store any such on site. For any purchased eBook, 

    records such as receipts are used solely to upload the selected eBook to the client after trouble shooting fails.

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