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welcome to the sounds of JOE MEDINA

Updated: Aug 15, 2020

The 18th Bullet was the first CD I put together featuring a Rap Genre. Such raps were birthed at Belmont High School in the 1980's when I often rapped with the Revolutionary Party Masters at weekend house parties. Because, such music was a project, I felt like sharing with the public then at pro bono. Entertainment, after all, was an illusion to me.

When I discovered that music companies were selling my music and making revenues from me without a license, I had to put a stop to the pro bono business. "My talents are not for sale. They are a gift from God," was my primary intent but people can be cruel using other people's intellectual rights of property and scam them out of millions. Foreseeing such events, I chose to Copyright my work and keep it to my self for personal and private use. No criminal wants to hear, "Here come the Cops." But you can sample the full tracks before opting for a digital copy. Enjoy the music.

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