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A shoestring budget

It's been several years since I've posted a blog and as they say in Facebook, "a lot has happened since you last logged in." I was on the path to secure a degree in animation, however the school lied to me, though I never gave up, until I came home and found my little girl deeply submerged in all my art supplies.

I said to my self, "Fine, I'll let her have all my supplies. Maybe, she can make it." I believed in her since she was two and now my little Jeannie is making my dreams come true; a graduate from Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts, and a Pupil of Otis College of Art and Design to begin next week.

I think I won the bet. So now I gotta bring in the bacon and provide for her education. That's where this web site comes in. I'm gonna need all the revenue I can route up. Wish me luck!

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