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ISBN 13: 978-1663549716 Barnes & Noble
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Joe Lezama underwent a highly covert operation vital to the stability of the youth of the City of Los Angeles in California. Such mission was so delicate that he was placed under psychological hypnosis, then chaptered out of the Service to fend for himself. With the mission successfully fulfilled he slowly begins to remember who he is and left alone to rediscover himself and a new world. He joins the Force, the Bureau, the Agency, the County Courts, the Medical Center, and the Corps. He acquires authority with no one to answer to, but the Whitehouse. Believing to be General of the U.S. Armed Forces, he launches a rescue operation with the assistance of Air CAV to recover the POWs in Vietnam. There would be one problem. He left his communicator back in school.
A hypothetical statistic tale is a tale that is based on true events. The true events are the statistics. Rearranged from their original chronological order of reality they form a hypothetical tale or an estimated guess on what occurred. Not all events are related but the ones that assist in making the journey, take a reality and for the sake of the reader, convert it into fantasy; ergo, hypothetical. The names herein to fold have been changed to protect the innocent. Any name that coincides with names herein, are simply just, that; a coincidence. Enjoy the adventure.
- Joe Medina
Jacquie Rodriguez meant the world to Joseph Lezama. Jacquie was everything his heart could see. She was everything his soul believed in because she had God in her heart and she would talk of God to him then. Joseph wanted everything to manifest in her. He wanted her to marriage. He wanted her to mother his Children. He loved her.
“Will you marry me?” he had asked her for practice when they were children as required by their youth sociology course.
“Why should I marry you?” she had questioned in rebuttal.
“Because I have a house,” had been the pursuit in awe of interest as the others watched.
“Does it cleanse itself?” she continued to evade.
He roped a dope and moved in for the sucker punch, “Yes, it does!”
“Then, I love you!” She had exclaimed evading the “yes, I will marry you,” but had hugged him with a kiss. They were children then. In Joe all came to be and any girl to discover such found her life blessed in him but the cost was his happiness. He could not make it happen for himself as he did for others. In Jacquie, he would make it happen. All he had to do was apply effort. That was his gift.
Jacquie and Joe met when teenagers in Huntington Park, California at Church. Joe was a musician, a tech designer and a writer. He felt his writing needed more life than the emotional emptiness presented. Joseph had enlisted into the Military to seek out that life.
Eight years later, Joseph returned to Church being sent home from the military and having sojourned a covert operation in the streets of Los Angeles. He was unaware of such operation for he was psychologically conditioned and hypnotized into such due to its insubstantiality in nature.
His heart carried a heavy burden having then signed up to serve another mission; a religious mission for his church, the continuing covert operation, a mission within a mission.
He found to still love Jacquie but he loved God more. He challenged her to live the correct way to happiness, as she had forgotten to but the pull of sin from other sources was stronger in her. They broke off their relationship and saw each other no more.
JOE MEDINA: paperback writer, tells intense adventures of joy and pain, life and death, love and hate, law and anarchy, order and chaos to bring a drop of happiness into a world full of bitterness. Cop a squat and enjoy a good Joe Medina book. It's like drinking a cup of coffee. YUM!
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