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Each month we preview a book in the Book Review section.
This Month, for your enjoyment, we have selected:
E I G H T E E N  W I T H  A  B U L L E T
ISBN 13: 978-1097814923 Amazon
ISBN 13: 978-1663549297 Barnes & Noble
A military reject combs the streets of L.A. to find purpose that would return him home into the Army,

but first he must find a way to deal peace,

as he offers the major street gangs a chance to recover what was stolen from them by a crooked betraying faction,

and a corrupt police department.

Joe Lezama is once again dealing justice in the streets of L.A.;

a justice that sparks the fuse of a civil war within the LAPD.

Can he stop them or will he accrue the aid of the original street regulators; the Eighteenth Street Gang?


Joseph stepped out into the evening sun from the Greyhound bus transport terminal at down town L.A. He had spent three days en route to his home; meditating, pondering, reasoning his military experience and forgetting, hiding his new mission from himself.

It was a one way trip; a one way mission. There would be no one to assist him. He was on his own, so he pulled out the final copy of his military orders and walked into the Central Police Station, there, he placed his orders on the desk and walked out. His codename was acknowledged, “Good luck, Bullet!”
He turned around and said, “Thanks Chief.” From then on out he would have no contact with anyone in service. He had nowhere to go, so he hopped a bus and went to his family’s home.
The Army illicitly took his rank. They illicitly took his money. They illicitly took his Citizenship and gave him a Green Card. “He’s not one of us anymore.” Meador had declared, “Now he’s one of them. Whatever mission he has chosen to fulfill, he has to do it as one of them.”
What Meador didn’t know was that the orders Lezama had placed in the Central Station would provide Lezama with an LAPD uniform at the rank of Captain in two years. Joseph would not engage as a uniformed officer until five years hence his arrival in Los Angeles. He knew he couldn’t trust anyone for only three sets of orders existed: one for President George H.W. Bush; another for Mayor Tom Bradley; and the final was his to do as he pleased and it pleased him to notify the Police Force that he was home. All had to come together before the natural death, of Sherman Block, LA County’s Sheriff. Because of his natural death many would seek to gain the power left in gap by Block’s absence; many crooked cops.
Unfortunately, Joseph was just nineteen. He had to wait until he was twenty one to enter the Force. He reasoned that in the meanwhile he would study to be a cop and undergo work experience as a security officer while he applied to regain his Citizenship for without such level in society, he could not be an officer of the law. But for now, he just wanted to go home and be with his family.
When he got to his mother’s home, everyone was surprised to see that he was back. His older brother Antoine offered him a beer. That would help him forget and nullify the sorrowed emotions within him. He felt betrayed. “Joseph, you weren’t supposed to be back until another four years.” Antoine queried, “What happened?”
“I got kicked out.” Joseph answered knowing full well that Antoine would spread the rumor all over the neighborhood. Antoine nearly choked on his beer from hearing such news. Having been chaptered out of service was going to help Bullet attain a bad ass in attitude reputation in one of the meanest neighborhoods in South Central LA, that of the Eighteenth Street Gang.
JOE MEDINA: paperback writer, tells intense adventures of joy and pain, life and death, love and hate, law and anarchy, order and chaos to bring a drop of happiness into a world full of bitterness. Cop a squat and enjoy a good Joe Medina book. It's like drinking a cup of coffee. YUM!


" H A V E  F U N ,  S E A S O N S  I N  T H E  S U N ! "


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