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ISBN 13: 978-1076360274 Amazon
ISBN 13: 978-1663546043 Barnes & Noble
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THUNDER STORM relates a tale that depicts a fallen society controlled by a sophisticated artificial intelligence known as the High Command...

...the High Command keeps mankind from reaching potential and converts them into chemically altered slave forms by injecting drugs into their corpus callosum and replacing such with a control unit that feeds barbiturates into the brain to keep the body alive...

  ...a secret society known as Thunder Storm has the knowledge to free mankind and plummet the system. They are composed of genetically engineered children who are thrust with the weight and responsibility of saving the future of mankind.

Thunder Storm unite!


T his story is not about violence.  This story is not about rebellion.  This story is a struggle for Freedom.  Its audience is meant to be the “rising” generation.  It is up to them to make decisions, to set goals, and to undertake their paths.  Society is in jeopardy and it can only be saved by choosing to do what is right.  Choose not to use drugs.  Believe that you are some one.   Choose to refrain from premarital sex.  Believe in a God and believe that He is all powerful to bless your life with wonders that will never cease, if you but do that which is right.  Do not let the magic of your youth die when facing reality.  Do not toy with something as precious as your life.  Let the Spirit of Truth guide you to the realms of wisdom, to the riches of intelligence.  Leave your mark in the history and annals of the world.  Ride the cosmic wave beyond the boundaries of imagination to set your soul afire on a distant night.  Feel the thunder pulse in your veins and know that you are a child of a living God, a creature of an undying universe with a purpose in life.  Do not toss away your youth in pointless regrets.  You have been redeemed by the cost of blood.  Each generation must make an effort, must take the battle to the front lines, to insure that freedom and its companion, liberty, never cease to exist while there is a group of crusaders willing to fight for it.  Preserve your unalienable rights and keep vigilant lest you are swept blindly away into slavery.  This story is a warning.                                                            The Author,  Joe Medina

        “I ’m overshooting my trajectory! The balance bar is broken. I can’r hold my equilibrium. I’m heading off into space. I’m overshooting the target. It looks like I’m heading off towards somewhere in 3550.” said the Chrononaut. “Mission control, mission control, mayday, mayday, come in! I’m losing the signal. I can’t maintain communication. I need a homing beacon. Mission Control, mayday mayday! Send a signal!”
        “Excuse me sir?” said the intrusion. ”I am Janno Alpha One.”
        “How did you get in here, kid? This thing is airtight and I’m spinning off into time. I’m a moving target. Penetrating the Time Capsule at the juncture of these anomalies is impossible.
        “I am spirit matter, Sir.” Janno said, “I can traverse anywhere though I do not how how I am able to perform such a feat.”
        “Can you slow the capsule down?” he asked.
        “As I have said sir, I do not know how it works.” Janno confessed.
        “Expand your consciousness with me and sense out the capsule. You can then help me reacquire stabilization once we’ve become one with the capsule and one with time.    The chrononaut, Joe Lezama, quickly taught Janno how to control his spirit residual to enlargen and take hold of the time capsule, then solidify to slow its speed, as he took hold of the computer controls on the dashboard at the mainframe. “You did it, kid, we’re slowing down. Hey, kid? Where did you go? Janno?”
Lezama used the spectrum analyzer to search for Janno’s thermal energy. There was none. He scanned for nitrogen and realized that he was in a block of ice. “It’s going to get cold in here.” He whispered to himself.
He was tired. Lezama lay over a sleeping cot and went into slumber. He too could detach his spirit from his body and with the energy of the time capsule’s computers he could travel in and out of the capsule as Janno had done with the only difference is Lezama could move through time. He sought assistance and slip streamed by dream into 3550 Anno Domini. Lezama engaged in surveillance by spirit traversing the physical plane by feeling and sensing. His body was protected within the time capsule. He searched out for Janno. Janno was but a child and yet he had the gift of astral projection as Lezama had nevertheless there was no way to make contact with the curious civilization as he was stuck in a block of ice.
The only course to pursue was to seek Janno out and have him assist in liquefying the ice but he was no where to be seen. Despite the chunk of ice the capsule could still move. Lezama engaged in a time jump. Such was the only method he could enact to get the ice off. Nevertheless, it meant retraversing through time and there was no telling where in the time continuum he might end up. He gambled any ways.
JOE MEDINA: paperback writer, tells intense adventures of joy and pain, life and death, love and hate, law and anarchy, order and chaos to bring a drop of happiness into a world full of bitterness. Cop a squat and enjoy a good Joe Medina book. It's like drinking a cup of coffee. YUM!
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