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A hypothetical statistic tale is a tale based on true events. The events that occurred are the statistics while removed from their chronological order they create a hypothetical tale that takes the reader on a journey of infinite possibilities but there can only be one ending. Joe Medina is a master of suspense and action bringing to life such tales that entertain the existence of the mind. Enjoy his literature found at AMAZON and at BARNES & NOBLE.

THUNDER STORM 1, 2, and 3

  ISBN: 978-1663546043 B&N              ISBN: 978-1663546166 B&N             ISBN: 978-1663546180 B&N


















​THUNDER STORM relates a tale that depicts a fallen society controlled by a sophisticated artificial intelligence known as the High Command that keeps mankind from reaching potential and converts them into chemically altered slave forms by injecting drugs into their corpus callosum, replacing such with a control unit that feeds barbiturates into the brain to keep the body alive. A secret society known as Thunder Storm has the knowledge to free mankind and plummet the system. They are composed of genetically engineered children who are thrust with the weight and responsibility of saving the future of mankind. Thunder Storm unite!

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ISBN: 978-1663548726

JOE LEZAMA is growing up hard in the streets of L.A. Falling in love was the last thing on his mind until he meets her; an innocent girl-child that takes his heart by thunder and sends his mind for a spin as he seeks out the meaning of existence. Facing all odds against the cruelty of street life, he plunges into the world of life and death, between love and hate, between law and anarchy, between order and chaos as he battles the city's crime lord to defend a dying community rotting in the streets of L.A. at a place he calls home on TOBERMAN STREET.
ISBN: 978-1663545862

​JOSEPH LEZAMA has been commissioned General of the U.S. Armed Forces by President Jimmy Carter. Someone forgot to tell the POTUS that Joseph is only twelve years old, nevertheless, Joseph will not violate the President's trust. Follow the fantastic voyage with Joseph as he travels through time to meet rough tough little Michelle, a seven year old who thinks she's one of the guys. As anarchy places a boot in the Academy, it is up to Joseph and Michelle to establish order. They're going to need all the help they can get. Sign up to join in on the adventure. You're in the Army now!
ISBN: 978-1663549853

HE WAS A MILLIONAIRE, establishing an empire that shook the life back into neighborhood children. He was a philanthropist, a scholar, and a prominent figure in society until the Lord came looking for a servant. Joseph answered, “Here I am.” And the Spirit challenged him to sell all he had and give to the poor; to pick up his cross and follow the Christ. He becomes a poor wayfaring man of grief as he battles against the wiles of the Devil in a foreign land of the Children to secure salvation for mankind bringing the love of God unfeigned, to your doorstep, with hope and charity etched in his heart. But is it the true Church?

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ISBN: 978-1663550163
THE SWORD OF JUSTICE is the extensive study that gave birth to an analysis of the three Christian church denominations aimed to provide the reader with a clear understanding of the difference between what is written: the word and what is preached: the Spirit. The controversial compilation of Holy and Sacred scriptures that shook the foundations of LDS Missionary labor, is now made public. Does God exist? Who will you side with? Battle the convictions of your beliefs that Truth may be embedded into your heart; the Sword of Justice. It will split you in half.

ISBN: 978-1663550446
How much love can a man take, before it breaks his heart? Love is suffered through pain, through joy; through the aches and pulses within the finger tips of Eternity, wallowing in the murky depths of misery, only to repeat itself over and over again; stuck in the loop of time haunting, persecuting, and prosecuting. What is it we want out of life? True love rescues all. Isn’t that what we all want? Follow the Author, through his most adventurous journey as he seeks to satisfy the compulsion to know love; a kiss from your lips at a place where you made me a God.
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ISBN: 978-1663548979
JOE LEZAMA was the dregg of the earth, the rejected, the unwanted. No one gave a dam about him. Hated and faced with corruption of the soul, Joseph made a last struggle in an attempt to secure a better life for himself, some place where he was a hero of the people and not just some punk kid off the streets. Here he would become a man as he learned to be the scourge of the battle field striking to kill where he was weak, to grow strong, where the strong grow mighty for he had the correct attitude; one does not die for country, one kills for it. He became dangerously honorable, too honorable to believe, for he had his freedom and he had his God and none could contain him.

ISBN: 979-8881160630

KING ARTHUR dressed himself as a commoner to find out how to better serve his people. JOSEPH LEZAMA did the same. He surrendered his rank as General of the U.S. Armed Forces to undertake the mission of repairing the worst U.S. military base in the world; ole’ Camp Swampy: FORT STEWART. He first took the time to go home and say good bye to his family and friends, to cut all ties, because laws of thermodynamics prove that if there isn’t any closure in relationships, life will provide the way. His mission would keep him busy, perhaps a lifetime of occupation. He wasn’t planning on coming back.
Eighteen w_A Bullet copy.jpg
ISBN: 978-1663549297
A MILITARY REJECT combs the streets of L.A. to find purpose that would return him home into the Army but first he must find a way to deal peace as he offers the major street gangs a chance to recover what was stolen from them by a crooked betraying faction and a corrupt police department. Joe Lezama is once again dealing justice in the streets of L.A.; a justice that sparks the fuse of a civil war within the LAPD. Can he stop them or will he accrue the aid of the original street regulators; the Eighteenth Street Gang?
Flight of the Silver Bullet 2 copy.jpg
ISBN: 978-1663549716
JOSEPH LEZAMA underwent a highly covert operation vital to the stability of the youth of the City of Los Angeles in California. Such mission was so delicate that he was placed under psychological hypnosis, then chaptered out of the Service to fend for himself. With the mission successfully fulfilled he slowly begins to remember who he is and left alone to rediscover himself and a new world. Believing to be General of the U.S. Armed Forces, he launches a rescue operation with the assistance of Air CAV to recover the POWs in Vietnam. There would be one problem. He left his communicator back in school.
Brink of Insanity copy 3 copy.jpg
ISBN: 978-1663550279
​JOSEPH LEZAMA fulfilled his final covert ops under the guise of a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Six months after his return, Joseph is struck down with bi-polar disorder, a status not of the mind but a condition of the brain. Joseph calls upon his God but his God is no where to be seen and Joseph is left to suffer the curse of the Prophets. He is confined in several psychiatric wards that attempt to discredit his beliefs until he himself begins to doubt. There is no man who hasn’t left anything for God and His gospel that has not received a hundred times more in this life and in the world to come, eternal life. The promises for Joseph were reneged and there are no answers as Joseph is lost somewhere in the asylum of mental health.


" H A P P Y   M E M O R I A L   D A Y ! "


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