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Updated: Sep 9, 2020

On the Sabbath day, with today being the First Sunday of the month of February, we introduce the 7th Book: "God & Country." I stand all amazed at the way numbers and events click together to make a positive phenomenon. Enjoy reading the experience that made Joe Lezama aware of how God came to be. Go to Church.

Te partira por la mitad...

Due to the many volatile and avid fans we have managed to generate; there are some among the group that petitioned for books in their native tongue and as we strive to give our readers what they want, we have produced "La Espada de la Justicia." And because of such high regards, we have negotiated plans to write one more book; "Eighteen with a Bullet," then we will proceed to stock our library with translated versions in Spanish. This will keep us occupied for the rest of the year in time for our avid fans to read and catch up on the ongoing adventure. At You don't have to whisper...

Who are you?

La ESPADA de la JUSTICIA es un estudio extensivo que dio a luz a un analisis de las tres denominaciones Iglesias Cristianas enfocado a proveer al leedor con un entendimiento claro de la diferencia entre lo que esta escrito: la palabra y lo que es predicado: el Espiritu. La compilacion controversial de las sagradas escrituras que estremecio las fundaciones de labor Misional SUD esta ahora hecha publica. ¿Esque existe un Dios? ¿Esque crees en Jesucristo? ¿A que lado te uniras? Batalla las creencias de tus convicciones para que la verdad se ensarte en tu corazon; La Espada de la Justicia...te partira por la mitad...

A military reject combs the streets of L.A. to find purpose that would return him home into the Army but first he must find a way to deal peace as he offers the major street gangs a chance to recover what was stolen from them by a crooked betraying faction and a corrupt police department. Joe Lezama is once again dealing justice in the streets of L.A.; a justice that sparks the fuse of a civil war within the LAPD. Can he stop them or will he accrue the aid of the original street regulators; the Eighteenth Street Gang?

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" H A P P Y   E  A  R  T  H   D A Y ! "


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